Chaplain Aaron providing invaluable support

June 21, 2023
School chaplain Aaron Schick offers non-judgmental support to young people attending Carinity Education Rockhampton

A calming influence and a listening ear delivering support to those in need, chaplains play an important role in the lives of young people every day.

Carinity Education Rockhampton students feel supported and confident knowing they can have confidential interactions with their chaplain.

The school’s chaplain, Aaron Schick, offers non-judgmental support to students who may be experiencing a difficult time in their young lives.

“I had a great chaplain at high school, and I saw the good work he did. I was approached by peers, a local chaplain and my pastor to have a go at chaplaincy. The work I was already doing with youth gave me confidence that it was a role worth pursuing,” Aaron said.

“Chaplains pray for the school, the staff, the parents and the students. Energy, humility, kindness and a lot of patience are key attributes to the role.

“Chaplains need to have a good understanding of the bible and how it relates to common issues, thoughts and struggles people have – particularly students.

“Chaplains help to care for the community, assisting the school with connecting our students and families with support. We also provide an opportunity to talk about anything that is going on in their life in a safe and confidential way.”

Limited Federal Government funding for chaplaincy in schools like Carinity Education Rockhampton means students would not have the same access to chaplains if not for generous support from the community.

Contributions to the Carinity Chaplains Appeal will help ensure chaplains like Aaron can continue their vital work.

Donate online or phone (07) 3550 3737.

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