The Pumpkin Patch – Restaurant Day 2020

September 17, 2020

The 27th August 2020 saw our Year 11 & Year 12 Hospitality students host the annual Restaurant Day.

This year the senior Hospitality girls decided to call their restaurant “The Pumpkin Patch“, and serve an entirely vegetarian menu. Term Three Hospitality classes were filled with practising different vegetarian recipes and creating delicious and beautiful mocktails; this was much to the delight of staff and students around the school who were lucky enough to be the guinea pigs tasting all of the different meals and drinks the Hospitality girls were producing.

After many weeks of practice, the girls had nailed down the meals they would like to include on their menu for their restaurant and then began planning out the finer details such as how they would decorate the room and who would be in charge of what on the day.

Our Year 11 Hospitality group were in charge of food & drink preparations on the day, as well as the presentation of all the meals. The girls geared up in their hair nets and gloves and got stuck straight into their cooking for the day. A few students were stationed at the dishwasher, ensuring the smooth flow of dirty dishes being cleaned while another group of girls were stationed over by the stove tops, stirring soups and chopping ingredients for the main meals, and lastly another group of students had set themselves up at a table where they were mixing up mocktails and garnishing each drink beautifully with slices of fruit.

The Year 12 Hospitality girls were dressed professionally in white button up shirts, black slacks and black aprons with their hair tied back neatly as they made their way around the room greeting guests and offering them water. The girls waited on the tables and spoke so maturely and respectfully to each person attending their Pumpkin Patch restaurant.

At the end of the day both Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students entered the restaurant to thank everyone for coming out and supporting them, as well as thanking their Hospitality Teacher, Amanda, for all her hard work in ensuring the girls were prepared and ready for the event.

Guests at The Pumpkin Patch restaurant were asked to complete a score card where they could rate various aspects of the day such as the presentation of the meals, the taste of the meals, the manner of the students and so on. Each card was returned with glowing reviews of our girls and The Pumpkin Patch restaurant. The vegetarian menu was an absolute hit and the students are now signed off on multiple competencies towards achieving their Certificates in Hospitality.

Amazing work girls, you should all be so incredibly proud of your efforts!


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