The Class of 2020

November 23, 2020

Last week saw our wonderful Class of 2020 wrap up their studies, celebrate their Formal and farewell us all at the Year 12 Graduation.


Wow! What a rollercoaster ride it has been watching our Class of 2020 navigate their way through their senior education while tackling part-time jobs, TAFE courses, Covid19, personal relationships, parental duties, studying from home during school closures and so, so much more. This group of students are not just brilliant, beautiful and intelligent, but they are strong, resilient and compassionate as well.

Our Year 12 group have faced a year of unprecedented times and still they made their way through their Year 12 studies with irrepressible dedication. The girls could see that light at the end of the tunnel and there wasn’t a single thing on this earth that was going to stop them from reaching it; we are so, so proud of them all.

Thursday, 19th November, was the Year 12 Formal. The girls arrived at school nice and early, ready to be pampered and spoiled for the day. Senior teaching staff gathered the girls into a school bus and took them to Strands in Salisbury to have their hair and make up done. A very special thank you to Tina from Strands for organising the day and ensuring all of our girls felt their very best for their big night.

Late in the afternoon the school bus rolled back into the car park and the girls emerged looking absolutely stunning with their chosen hair styles and make up looks. They were then swiftly collected by their parents and partners so they could go home and get into their dresses.

At long last it was time for the Formal! The girls began arriving at Robertson Gardens, leaving everyone in awe as guests and staff took in the stunning outfits, hair styles and make up of these young ladies. The girls looked absolutely fantastic, beaming from ear to ear as they jumped out of their cars and excitedly greeted one another before posing for photos.

The girls spent the night dancing and laughing, enjoying one of the last moments they would spend all together.

The following day was the Year 12 Graduation! Bright and early, the girls made their way into Carinity Education Southside for one last time. Emotions were running high, some girls were ecstatic and excited, while others were nervous and sad to say goodbye.

For the first time we were able to offer Graduation gowns, sashes and caps to our graduating class. The girls helped one another get into their gowns and ensured everyone’s hair was still looking fabulous with the graduation cap on. As family members, partners, carers and friends made their way upstairs to celebrate the graduation, the Year 12 students anxiously awaited their introduction downstairs; taking selfies and comforting one another as they waited to hear their names called.

The Graduation ceremony was lovely, with poems read out and farewells from younger students; the Class of 2020 laughed, cried and revelled in each others successes.

As they each took their Graduation Certificate and exited the room, a sense of relief swept over the group. These girls had done it; they had made it and shown us all what we already knew – they are capable of anything!

A final round of applause for the Class of 2020; you are a remarkable group of young women who we won’t be forgetting about any time soon. Thank you for your contribution to our Southside family; please know that our doors are always open for you.


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