Teachers Gather for World Teachers Day Morning Tea

October 30, 2020

All school staff today gathered in the community room to share a delicious morning tea and celebrate their hard work during 2020.

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated around the world on October 5, when most of us in Australia are enjoying school holidays; therefore we celebrate our educators on October 30 here in the land down under.

This year has been a crazy one for Teachers all around the world with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing students into online learning. Many teachers were faced with a huge learning curve themselves; how would they deliver the curriculum via the internet? And what about the students without internet access at home?

Teachers & Youth Workers at Carinity Education Southside went above and beyond to ensure our students would not fall behind and face a disadvantage because of reasons out of their control. Teachers created online copies of the class work for students with internet access, and compiled hard copies of it for the students without internet access. Hard copies of the school work was delivered every fortnight to the students’ homes. This is just one instance of why the staff at Carinity Education Southside rock!

Over the last week students at Carinity Education Southside had been quietly working on writing cards for their favourite teachers. The girls wrote an enormous amount of cards for all of the teachers here, to give thanks and explain the difference they had made in their lives.

Today all of the students’ cards were bundled up and given to the teaching staff to read while they enjoyed a beautiful morning tea of fruit, crackers, dips and sweets.

World Teachers’ Day is a day to give thanks and acknowledge the outstanding work that the Teachers, Youth Workers, Support Workers, Management Team, Administration & Grounds staff do here at Carinity Education Southside. Without each and every member of the team playing their part, we would not have made it through this busy, chaotic and completely unpredictable year.

Thank you to everyone who keeps the ball rolling here at Southside; it is our individual commitment combined into a cohesive team that makes the Southside difference in our school and community.

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