Thanking our educators on day of celebration

October 28, 2021
Carinity Education Southside teacher Amanda-Gulley assists students.jpg

Teachers play a vital role in the development of young people and shaping them to become important contributors to our communities.

On 29 October, schools around Australia will celebrate World Teachers’ Day, an opportunity to thank our dedicated educators.

Carinity Education Southside teacher Amanda Gulley supports young Brisbane women who have faced barriers to education.

“Working at Southside is like belonging to a family. Young women here are supported in every way possible, in order to become all they set out to achieve,” Amanda said.

“Observing the strength, connection and creativity that our young women develop, through hard work and a belief in themselves, is extremely rewarding to be a part of.”

Carinity CEO Jon Campbell paid tribute to Carinity Education teachers, youth workers and staff for supporting around 600 students in five schools across Queensland.

“Educators are the amongst the most important adults that young people will learn from in their formative years We only need to think back to our own time at school and reflect on how our teachers greatly influenced our lives,” Jon said.

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