Southside Students Make a Contribution through Volunteering

October 29, 2020

Every Friday afternoon the students at Carinity Education Southside engage in Service Education.

Service Education is all about taking the time to help others and in the process, help ourselves to learn as well. Our students learn to grow within their own community by connecting with others in a positive way and experience the joy, empathy and compassion that togetherness can bring.

The Year 7, 8 and 9 students have been excitedly volunteering at the Wacol RSPCA this term. The girls started their RSPCA journey with a formal induction and a tour of the RSPCA facilities. The girls learned what was expected of them while working in the facility. The students were led through all parts of the centre, including the behind-the-scenes animal hospital, rehabilitation rooms, outdoor exercise and farmyard facilities. The girls learned a great deal from this and were able to understand the kind of care and concern that they would need to give to all of the animals at the RSPCA.

The girls have since been interacting with animals of all sorts; lizards, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, birds, you name it! The girls have been learning how to care for various species and in the process are thoroughly enjoying their Friday afternoons spent with their new furry and/or scaly friends.

Our senior students in Years 10, 11 and 12 have been volunteering their Friday afternoons at Lighthouse Care in Hillcrest. Lighthouse Care was established in 2004 by a handful of people dedicated to making a difference within their own low socio-economic community. Lighthouse Care now boasts two supermarkets with discounted grocery items for struggling families and individuals. Lighthouse Care provides assistance to over 1000 families per week across South East Queensland. Our senior students have been attending the Hillcrest location to help with unpacking boxes, stocking & organising shelves and general tidying.

The students have really enjoyed being able to give back to those in the community who are struggling. It’s fabulous to see the girls display such maturity and respect while they complete their volunteer work each Friday.

We look forward to the weeks to come in Service Education!

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