QATSIF Scholarships

February 17, 2023
QATSIF Recipient Round 14 2023

Each year First Nations students are given an opportunity to apply for and receive financial assistance through the QATSIF scholarship program that provides funding to assist students to achieve their learning goals.

A big congratulations to our biggest round of recipients, five students in Year 12: Kaitlyn, Emily, Kiara, Breanna-Jo and Shaylee, and six students in Year 11: Constance, Alana, Kirrah, Charlotte, Rothana and Emily.

This is a huge process but one that provides much needed financial relief to First Nations Students receiving an education. The students are required to prove their suitability and determination through several questions about their individual commitments and goals for the future.

Students receiving QATSIF monies know that the funds were taken from our old people via past controlling and racist government policies.

Young people are now afforded an opportunity to benefit from ‘the toil of previous generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders who laboured under now-repealed control laws and policies.

It was drawn from two sources: $10.8 million from the former Aborigines Welfare Fund and $15 million from the remaining unspent funds from the Indigenous Wages and Savings Reparations Scheme’. (QATSIF Foundation History — QATSIF)

In actuality, the funds used to help First Nations students is seen as an investment by Elders in the futures of these young people. It is with this understanding that students traverse their learning goals knowing full well the responsibility and expectations that come with this commitment.

Well done to all the students who have been successful in attaining these QATSIF scholarships. We look forward to seeing your achievements.

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