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April 20, 2023

At Southside we carefully consider the types of support that we can offer both students and staff.

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QATSIF Recipient Round 14 2023

QATSIF Scholarships

Each year First Nations students are given an opportunity to apply for and receive financial assistance through the QATSIF scholarship program that provides funding to assist students to achieve their learning goals.

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Stevie O’Chin in the art room at Carinity Education Southside, where her love of art was fostered and she developed her creativity

Stevie expressing her heritage through art

January 24, 2023

For Stevie O’Chin, transferring schools to Carinity Education Southside was the catalyst for developing her self-confidence – and the start of her journey towards a career as an artist.

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Carinity Education school chaplains gathered in Brisbane

School chaplains gather in Brisbane

December 16, 2022

Chaplains from four Carinity Education schools across Queensland came together in Brisbane in early December for three days of personal, spiritual and professional development.

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