Licy Be Performance at Gathering

November 5, 2019

Tuesday mornings gathering saw staff and students treated to an incredible performance by rapper and spoken word artist, Licy Be. Licy kicked off the morning with an energetic cover of Mackelmore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us.’

Licy then proceeded to tell the students about her life and the struggles she has faced and overcome. The girls seemed to really connect with Licy’s story and it was lovely to hear the girls chat amongst themselves for the rest of the day about how they related and enjoyed the performance.

The second half of Licy’s performance was filled with activities to help the girls use their words to encourage and support one another.

Licy asked for three volunteers to get up in front of everyone at the gathering and perform a dance or a lip-sync. All staff in attendance agreed that this was one of the most remarkable things we’ve seen with our Southside girls as they threw their hands up, willing and eager to participate. We were all so proud of the girls and grateful to Licy for helping to break down the barriers and remove that notion of “shame”, and rather just come together to have a fun, playful morning together.

Throughout the morning, Licy insisted that girls use their words in a meaningful way to provide each other with “words of encouragement”, and ended her performance by splitting the girls into two groups where they were all given a piece of paper to write their name on. The pieces of paper were then passed around the group so everyone could write down some words of encouragement for one another.

After the bell rang to signal the end of gathering, Licy wrapped up the morning by signing photos for the girls and taking photos with them, much to the girls’ delight.

Everyone was left buzzing after Licy Be’s performance. Students could be heard all around the school chatting about Licy and the impression that she had left on them that morning.

We would like to give a HUGE thank you to Licy Be for coming out to Carinity Education Southside and putting on such a fun and energetic morning gathering, for connecting with our girls and showing them that despite major barriers in your life, you can overcome them and do incredible things.



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