Bright futures ahead for mums after graduation

November 19, 2021
Zalie says Carinity Education Southside accepted and her son and helped the teenaged mum to reach her potential

Falling pregnant as teenagers threatened to derail Zalie, TeHana and Mariah’s education but the trio had a second chance at schooling at Carinity Education Southside.

The young mums continued their education in the classroom while their children were cared for at an on-site early learning centre for babies and toddlers, operated by Search Light. They all graduate from school on November 19.

Mother to a 13-month-old daughter, TeHana says the support of Carinity Education Southside, its teachers and youth workers “has been like nothing else”.

“The day care picks us up and takes us home so it’s easy to get to and from school and the learning support is great too. I always knew I was going to finish school but without Carinity it would have been a lot harder, and I would have struggled more,” TeHana said.

Now the 17-year-old aspires to work as a doula, assisting women during and after childbirth and “helping younger mums to have positive birth experiences”.

Zalie, 19, enrolled at Carinity Education Southside after giving birth to her son.

“I actually went to two different state high schools and both couldn’t help me in terms of my learning and emotional wellbeing. No schools could cater to me and my son except for Carinity. The support team was able to help me reach my potential and guide me in the right direction,” Zalie said.

“I’ve felt extremely privileged and honoured to be here. I don’t feel like I’m different. Nobody here judges me for being a mum but at other schools they would have. I can still go about my day being a mum, a student and an individual.”

Fellow graduating student Mariah took a break from school to give birth to twins late last year. When the 19-year-old returned to school the transition was made easier by the support she received.

“When I returned to school from pregnancy the school welcomed me back with open arms and were really supportive. They told me if anyone could do this, I could, which meant a lot to me,” Mariah said.

“The school is like my family and my biggest support network, it’s really amazing. I honestly did not expect to be here and about to graduate from school. It’s massive for me. It’s good to finally get to the finish line.”

Around 60 students from four Carinity Education special assistance schools – in Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Gladstone and Rockhampton – will graduate this Friday.

Young mother Mariah says having an early learning centre at Carinity Education Southside enabled the teenager to complete her school studies

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