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Carinity Education Southside Year 12 Leadership Day 2022

Year 12 Leadership Day

April 11, 2022

Year 12 Leadership Day is a day to celebrate the final year of schooling and to highlight the potential of every student to lead the younger grades as senior students for the final year of school life.

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Carinity Education Southside QATSIF Scholarships 2022

QATSIF Scholarships

Each year First Nations students are given an opportunity to apply for and receive financial assistance through the QATSIF scholarship program that provides funding to assist students to achieve their learning goals.

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Carinity Education Southside Harmony Day 2022

Harmony Day 1.4.2022

Harmony Day was held on the 1 April. It was a lovely day, with students presenting within their class groups on different cultures and beliefs, and the importance of acceptance of everyone. 

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Carinity Education Southside students assist at an animal shelter.

Students connecting to community

September 30, 2021

For students at Carinity Education schools, their learning extends beyond the classroom. They are actively engaged in supporting and giving back to the community they live in.

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Carinity Education Southside Yr 11 Service Education 2021

Service Education Year 11 at Westside Community Care

August 17, 2021

Year 11 students are currently doing Service Education at Westside Community Care.  Students pack food parcels for people in need.  They also made cards and write their own little messages of hope and kindness.  So Beautiful to see our students show empathy and compassion to those in need within the community.

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