Thanking our educators on day of celebration

October 28, 2021
Carinity Education Shalom Head of Campus, Sharyn Ive, with Year 1 students.jpg

Teachers play a vital role in the development of young people and shaping them to become important contributors to our communities.

On 29 October, schools around Australia will celebrate World Teachers’ Day, an opportunity to thank our dedicated educators.

Head of Campus at Carinity Education Shalom, Sharyn Ive, has been teaching at the school for around a decade.

She says building trusting relationships with students and their families helps enable the children to “begin the journey of fulfilling their life dream and goals”.

“The students and their future goals inspire me to work hard to grow and build a great school. I know we are moving in the right direction when I walk through the classrooms now, particularly the younger years and see the students’ personal and learning goals displayed proudly against their photo,” Sharyn said.

“It shows that we have good healthy staff-student relationships, mutual trust and respect and a school with pride and high expectations.

“I would like to honour and thank the Shalom staff as they have invested so much of themselves in the vision of improving the outcomes of all our students.”

Carinity CEO Jon Campbell paid tribute to Carinity Education teachers, youth workers and staff for supporting around 600 students in five schools across Queensland.

“Educators are the amongst the most important adults that young people will learn from in their formative years We only need to think back to our own time at school and reflect on how our teachers greatly influenced our lives,” Jon said.

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