Why Choose Shalom?

At Shalom we are committed to providing an inclusive approach to education and improving the academic, spiritual and cultural outcomes for all students in our care.

We believe that culture and community is integral to the academic, spiritual and social development of our students. We approach learning from a Christian perspective, looking after the whole child, not just their education.

We understand that responding to the physical, emotional and cultural needs of our students helps them to develop a sense of pride, resilience and cultural connection. Through this holistic approach we provide an environment where children can grow and develop into independent and capable young people ready to participate in their local community.

Shalom aims to provide a range of extra support services focused on assisting families, as well as maintaining the health and well-being of students and families.

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Some of our practical support services include


Breakfast and a fruit break is provided to the students daily. Emergency lunches are available too.

bus icon

Bus transport is available for all students to get to and from school


A subsidised uniform is available


Physical activity is integrated into our daily learning


Indigenous Youth & Family support worker to help families


A full-time Chaplain is available to support our students, families and staff

β€œThe most rewarding thing for me is seeing that you make a difference, as educators, we hope that we make a difference, we plant that seed that sometimes grows now or it may grow later and we might not see it. But for here at Shalom we see that growth right infront of our eyes, and we see that we are making a different that motivates us and keeps that flame going for us teachers.”