Year 10 students strengthen their ties to the community

October 25, 2020
Carinity student cleaning up Yeppoon Beach

Students in the Grade 10 Class  were involved in many volunteer projects throughout Term 3 to help promote youth engagement, wellbeing, community connection and opening job opportunities by learning new skills.

COVID-19 made volunteering quite tough, however the students were delighted to still able to be involved in some small-scale projects. 

Students participated in Clean Up Australia Day by cleaning up our beaches and waterways in Rockhampton & Yeppoon.

They also took part in National Tree Day by planting trees on our school site as well as getting involved in the #HugaTreeforNTD campaign.

Students also had the opportunity to volunteer at a local pony club grounds (Crompton Park Pony Club) and assisted with mowing, whipper snipping, setting up bunting, and erecting jumps and stables.  They felt privileged to help prepare the grounds for the biggest 2-day show jumping competition in the Central QLD region for the year.  A couple of our students even returned over the weekend to watch the competition which was really special.

The students couldn’t wait to volunteer their time at 4 Mile Farm where they got to feed animals and clean stalls & water troughs. The class knew that they had to work hard but they enjoyed getting dirty knowing that the animals would be happier if they could do these little things for them. 






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