Students connecting to community

September 30, 2021
Carinity Education Rockhampton students assist at an animal farm.

For students at Carinity Education schools, their learning extends beyond the classroom. They are actively engaged in supporting and giving back to the community they live in.

Students volunteer in their community in a variety of capacities, from cleaning beaches and animal shelters, to reading to young children and packing food hampers for people in need.

Demonstration of volunteering and work experience also allows students to gain credit towards certificate courses undertaken at their school.

Caring for animals, wildlife and nature is a cherished activity for students at Carinity Education Rockhampton.

Supervising teacher Danielle New says the volunteer projects “help promote youth engagement, wellbeing, community connection and opening job opportunities by learning new skills”.

From environmentally-focused activities such as Clean Up Australia Day and National Tree Day to mowing, setting up bunting and erecting jumps and stables at Crompton Park Pony Club, the students get a real sense of achievement out of helping their community.

Efforts of the students have also helped to sustain and revitalise local businesses such as disability service provider 4 Mile Farm at Gracemere, where they fed animals, collected eggs and cleaned stalls and water troughs.

“The class knew that they had to work hard each time they went there, but they enjoyed getting dirty knowing that the animals would be happier if they could do these little things for them,” Danielle says.

“The smiles on the students’ faces were always so big whenever we went there.”

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