Why Choose Glendyne?

Our independent school provides personalised support in a Christian setting. We embrace flexible learning in a small class environment where staff are available to provide ready access to help.  We have the capability to develop an individualised pathway to achieve a Queensland Certificate of Education.

Some of our extra learning support services include:

  • Youth workers are available for additional assistance in and out of the classroom. They act as a supportive guide to provide ready access to help and direction.
  • Our teachers and staff are trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. This trauma-informed approach to education helps students develop strategies to manage trauma and become more resilient.
  • Learning is designed to engage and support the needs of each learner.
  • Personal development is focused on developing student’s abilities and their belief in them.
  • We encourage students to pursue their dreams and ensure that they have the skills required to get a job or pursue further training and/or higher education options.
  • We aim to grow student attachment to the local and global community to the extent of knowing they belong.
  • We utilise the Outcomes Star as an individualised case management tool to co-create goals in the life journey of change. It helps us look at outcomes beyond academic achievement such as: Aspiration; Contribution; Confidence; Learning; People and support; and Communicating
  • All students are assessed to determine if they require one-on-one tutoring, in which case, the service is provided free of charge on campus during school hours.

Some of our practical support services include


Free breakfast on Fridays and lunch is subsidised

bus icon

Four school buses provide free transport to various locations to and from school


A subsidised uniform is available


A gymnasium is available for our students to use


Access to visiting clinicians and allied health services such as a GP clinic available weekly.


Help to link in with support services: Counselling and housing

“Glendyne has provided many awesome opportunities for me since enrolling.  I have enjoyed the hands-on training and ability to be able to achieve certificates in vocational training. One of my highlights was being recognized for my leadership potential and consequently I now hold the position of school vice-captain. I would like to thank Glendyne for believing in me and providing the support and assistance needed to achieve my educational goals and dreams.”