Students ‘word up’ for global literacy competition

June 23, 2020
Carinity Education Glendyne Word Mania team member Rachael Newman

Carinity Education Glendyne students are taking on the world – one word at a time.

Year 9 students are kicking goals in the international Literacy Planet Word Mania competition.

Word Mania is an online teaching tool which helps students improve their spelling and through playing interactive educational games.

A total of 104 schools from countries such as Australia, Egypt, Bermuda, England, Nigeria, Wales and United Arab Emirates are competing in the Year 9 competition.

The team from Carinity Education Glendyne is ranked in the top quarter of all schools in the competition and currently sits 13th out of 83 Australian schools, including government and private schools.

Curriculum Coordinator Madelaine Brown says 30 Year 9 students are participating in the global competition.

“Word Mania is a word-building competition. The more complicated the word, and the faster you create the word with accurate spelling, the higher the student points are,” Madelaine says.

“Literacy Planet is used as a supplementary program to support reinforcement of explicit classroom lessons. This assists students to development their confidence and practice their skills.

“Literacy Planet tasks supplement and reinforce student learning in class. Teachers select what content is required to be used to address individual student needs.”

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