“Thank you” to Glendyne’s Volunteers!

November 7, 2019

National Volunteer Week runs from May 20-26 – a chance to acknowledge and celebrate the generous contribution of our valued and dedicated volunteers such as Tamara Lunt and Lou Coles.

Tamara wanted to “give back in thanks” to Carinity Education Glendyne because her son “was very well catered for” when he was a student at the school.

The skilled musician and music tutor assists middle school students with their arts-based elective subject and provides instrumental instruction for budding pianists, drummers, guitarists and bass players.

“I enjoy developing rapport and building relationships with both staff and students. I know that I am appreciated and that is a “feel good” for me,” Tamara says.

Lou Coles runs the Story Dogs literacy initiative at Glendyne. Each week Lou and therapy dog Kevin, pictured, go to the school to read with students, to help improve their engagement in reading.

“I’m inspired by seeing the calm and unconditional love that children get through their connection with animals and especially Kevin. When you bring that unconditional acceptance to reading you just see the children come out of their shells and start to enjoy reading,” Lou says.

“I enjoy being included in the community and feeling like Kevin brings joy and love and puts a smile on people’s faces.”

Learn more about volunteering for Carinity at carinity.org.au/get-involved.

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