Students swap classroom for farm

April 26, 2024
Gladstone students at Yandiah

Carinity Education Gladstone students are swapping the classroom for the farm.

This term the school is taking two groups of ten students to Yandiah farm each week.

Yandiah is a working farm where visitors can interact with animals and be involved in the daily running of the farm and its ongoing programs and projects.

The farm is set up to encourage independence, social interaction, a sense of community, inclusion and enjoyment of the outdoors – while learning rural farm and life skills.

Carinity Education Gladstone students have the opportunity to undertake activities and develop their skills in areas ranging from gardening and dog grooming, to farm vehicle maintenance and caring for chickens, guinea pigs, sheep and ponies.

Participants can also learn horse care skills – including grooming, feeding and hygiene – as well as cattle handling skills. The intention is for students to build the confidence to exhibit the cattle at regional shows.

The Yandiah visits also allow students to experience some more unique animal encounters.

“Today our Friday group had the pleasure of being able to feed and cuddle a 250-day-old paleface wallaby joey named Rollie,” said Carinity Education Gladstone youth worker, Annie Patrick.

“His mother was unfortunately killed in a car accident and Yandiah farm will be caring for him for the next few months, until he is ready for release back into the wild.”

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