Students cooking at school and home

June 23, 2020

Carinity Education Gladstone students have been cooking and baking up a storm – both at school and at home.

Senior school students can’t wait to get back into the school kitchen to bake some more delicious goodies, as part of their hospitality subjects.

Motivated students have also been doing great work in their kitchen at home whilst undertaking remote learning during COVID-19.

While collecting and delivering school work to students who have been learning from home, youth workers dropped off recipes and ingredients to cooking elective students.

Year 11 student Ebonhi made and decorated a delicious chocolate cake. Ebonhi chose her own cake decoration.

Youth workers also sent out recipes and a small kit of ingredients to junior cooking elective students, for them to make yummy pasta carbonara and pizza scrolls.

The students also have access to further recipes on TEAMS.

Carinity Education Gladstone student Ebonhi's cake.

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