Katie connecting to community

September 30, 2021
Carinity Education Gladstone student Katie reads to kindergarden students.

For students at Carinity Education schools, their learning extends beyond the classroom. They are actively engaged in supporting and giving back to the community they live in.

Students volunteer in their community in a variety of capacities, from cleaning beaches and animal shelters, to reading to young children and packing food hampers for people in need.

Demonstration of volunteering and work experience also allows students to gain credit towards certificate courses undertaken at their school.

For some students, regularly engaging with others on a volunteer basis is a segue to a possible career. Katie, a Year 10 student at Carinity Education Gladstone, has been contributing to her community while gaining valuable work experience.

Every Thursday morning, Katie voluntarily attends her local kindergarten to read to the children for half an hour. It was there she decided on her career path – teaching in early education.

Katie was so enthused about the opportunity to give back that she also volunteered her time during her school holidays.

Katie’s confidence in reading to an audience was developed in part by participating in reading lessons held after school with a small group of fellow students, which is organised by her Carinity Education Gladstone teacher.

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